Samuel Hutchins

Callsign: Reaper


Height: 6’0"
Weight: 181 lbs.
DOB: 11-30-1962
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Born: Asheville, NC, USA


5-2-1983: Graduated from Stanford University with a double major in physics and mechanical engineering.
3-9-1985: Joined United States Marine Corps
2-24-1991: Deployed in Operation Desert Storm as member of USMC First Recon Scout Sniper team.

3-1-1991: OTH (other than honorable) discharged from the USMC for use of personal discretion to engage potentially hostile contacts.

7-20-1993: Executes “personal contract” in Japan.
Confirmed, assassination of Tetsuzan Ryoma

12-12-1993: Executes “personal contract” in France.
Confirmed, assassination of Eugene LaFontaine

3-22-1994: Executes “special joint contract” as member of a three-man team in Spain.
Confirmed, assassination of Federico Martin, Andres Castillo, and Miguel Dato Sotelo

7-3-1994: Executes “personal contract” in the United Kingdom.
Confirmed, assassination of Patrick Nelson and Alexander Seawright

10-12-1995: Executes “personal contract” in Pakistan.
Confirmed, assassination of Hayat Ali Mesud

1-5-1996: Executes “personal contract” in Palestine.
Suspect in assassination of Salah Rayan

Samuel Hutchins

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