Resident Evil: A Lasting Horror

It has been one month since the events known as the Mansion Incident happened. The members of the now disbanded S.T.A.R.S. team continue to try to persuade their commanding officers and the Media into believing their story. To take a charge on the Umbrella Corporation. However, it seems to be in vain. In spite of this, many of the members have gone missing, as they fear further dangers to be on their way, leaving the city to defend for itself.

Their fears are not misplaced, as the Umbrella Corporation now seeks to set things into motion. To make sure their name is not defiled any further. To do that, they must make sure an event, like the Mansion Incident, never happens again. Or at least, make sure it never reaches the public’s eyes. With this in mind, they bring into light a more suited group, as the U.B.C.S. cannot be allowed anymore chances. So, they create an additional team for the Umbrella Security Service… Little does Umbrella know, they will be using their new team much sooner than ever expected.

August 17th

You are alerted by a quick pounding on the door. When you open, all you find is an unlabeled, steel brief case. Looking around, there are no signs of life that could be linked with such a package. Carefully, taking it inside, you make sure the case is not inhabited with anything of danger. Upon opening it, you find a a clean, brand new laptop. Once again, no labels, Serial Numbers, or any information of any kind, however, the lights are flashing on the computer. Opening the laptop reveals it was merely in standby, waiting for this action, with a small, thin piece of paper pressed between the monitor and keyboard. Taking it reveals to be a plane ticket, with the Destination: Raccoon City.

On the screen, eight shapes are spinning, unorganized, seemingly a screen saver. Four red, four white. Until after a moment of randomizing, they find their permanent location, creating the symbol for The Umbrella Corporation. With a small quote appearing beneath it.

“Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life”

After a brief moment, the logo vanishes, leaving the screen blank with the cursor blinking at the top of the black screen. In this time, you notice that the keyboard is arranged differently, not only that, there are only select keys lit up. Before you can make out what it exactly means, something begins to be typed on screen.

“Setting up secure connection…

We have hand selected you… You, who has proven yourselves in multiple scenarios, in changing times. A time where your ability is no longer appreciated. Where you are thought of as ‘bizarre’, ‘dangerous’, and ‘crazed’. Where you are feared, and discharged with no respect.

But with us, with Umbrella, you will not only find your new home, but a new sense of strength and focus. They were right to fear you.

All you need now… Is a target. And we believe we can give you that, and more.

There is a secured address imprinted into the keyboard. Memorize it now.

Tomorrow, you will take this flight, and arrive in Raccoon City at 11:00 am. From there, go to this address, and be there at 11:45 am sharp. You will bring no equipment. No gear. No weapons. Wear nothing that will bring attention to yourself.

You will be greeted by a black unmarked van, and four men, to take you to your location. You will be blindfolded, and masked. Do not fight. Do not resist. If you struggle, you will be terminated. Permanently.

They will bring you to us. To our facility.

Here, you will start your future."

The cursor stops, as no more seems to be typed. After a few seconds of standby, the screen begins to crash. The letters break apart, forming corrupted symbols, a rather foreboding message, until the screen is completely filled. The computer powers off completely, with a churning stop as if a piece of hardware gave in. The address is no longer visible on the keyboard. The computer refuses to start.

You know your destination. You know what to do. But you have no clue what you are in for…

FAQ to come

Resident Evil - A Lasting Horror

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